Texas Souvenirs in Houston: What to buy? The million dollar questions...hmm

A lot of folks are looking for quality and affordable souvenir gifts for loved one's when they visit Houston. Here are some helpful suggestions to help you get the right gifts for each of your important family members.

1. Check your luggage and determine space before making any purchasing decision. Are

you flying, driving or going back on a horse - all these and more modes of transportation

impact your souvenir buying options.

2. Make a list of all the important people in your life family, friends and co-workers an

physically write the names down on paper so you don't forget anyone. Please don't

forget grandma or aunt Margarita!

3. Assign a dollar figure and budget for each group.

4. Buy meaningful gifts that meet the other person needs and or taste. Don't just get a gift

out of necessity or obligation. These are usually the worst gifts! A good measure is to

always buy souvenir gifts that serve some type of function/utility.

TIP: Always ask whether the product is worn by locals in the city, better yet, observe the

crowds and decide for yourself what makes sense or suits your style best!

5. Ask the Texas gift store to pack the goods for you properly so they don't damage or tear

6. Ask the staff person to give you suggestions, he/she is not trying to sell you products but helping you identify possible options, ask and you shall have more options for what

to buy - broaden your horizons and get someone well-versed in the products to give

you advice.

I must reward you for reading to this point, so here are my gift suggestions, they are written with the general audience in mind, so they might not exactly be what you are looking for, but at the very least you will have a starting point to work with!

1. Texas Boots - Affordable on any budget and stylishly designed for stationery and or toothpicks (give this to someone who works or goes to school);

2. College sports wear - If you are a local and buying for someone in your family

3. For a valuable client - Ask us to make you a customized gift basket, better yet, tell us what you want in the basket OR get them a store designed clock to remind them that you value their time.

4. Magnets and Keychains are a common denominator but even these have stylish utility functions i.e. bottle openers, key chains and paper holders etc.,

As a family-owned business, Gifts of Texas qualifies each lead carefully and tries to provide the best customer service out there. We wanna make a raving fan out of you!

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